Thursday, September 12, 2013

Happy Camper

Everything is magic when seen through baby's eyes.  Rilla's first camping trip is a resounding success and we get to be there.

How better to refresh one's perspective!

She gets her feet wet. If you knew how cold this water is!
DSC_0061-e-sm DSC_0063-e-sm DSC_0164-e-sm DSC_0093-e-sm DSC_0218-e-sm DSC_0199-e-sm DSC_0244-e-sm

Also, for us, the first time taking a trailer to our favorite campground. We camped at this beautiful spot for many years in a row when our girls were young and we always scorned (under our breath, anyway) anyone who claimed they were "camping" if they weren't sleeping in a tent, cooking on a camp stove, and sitting around a roaring fire, or playing cards by lamplight. Now our girls are taking up the tradition of camping in tents and cooking on campfire or propane stove and we, having paid our "roughing it" dues, now get to take the easy route. 

Monday, September 2, 2013

Blue, Blue, Blue.

We picked a Sunny. Warm. Windless. day at the Oregon coast!
We went by our selves!
We had no agenda but our own!
Truly a trifecta of  rare occurrences.
( Not that we don't love going with other family members and enjoying the kids playing in the surf and sand and everything but this was just a different sort of day.)

It began with yummy dinner at our favorite restaurant in Depot Bay.  Then a stroll across the street for pictures of the harbor, bridge and ocean. ( They claim it's the smallest harbor in the world).
DSC_0020-e-sm DSC_0013-e-sm

Since it was such a matchless, gorgeous day we really just had to spend time on the beach. It was pretty crowded but we managed to hold down our spot in the sun for a couple of hours anyway. Neither of us even brought a book. I decided to continue my (practice) knitting. ( On the beach? Yes. Did I mention NO wind?)  As the afternoon progressed there were just too many people for my taste. Although John enjoys people watching we decided, after a little kid actually built a moat around us, (and it wasn't Luke) that it was time to split and find us a quieter place. DSC_0026-e-sm DSC_0024-e-sm DSC_0027e-sm

The rest of the afternoon, until the sun went down, we spent on a grassy hill overlooking a photo-worthy panorama of craggy rocks, boat studded  ocean, and clear blue sky occasionally graced with sea birds. We even managed to spot whale spouts in the distance. Over 20 in all.
DSC_0037-e-sm DSC_0049-e-sm DSC_0041-e-sm DSC_0060-e-sm DSC_0087-e-sm DSC_0114-e-sm