Wednesday, August 28, 2013

"The Scooch"

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Rilla ~ 8 mo.

The way time is flying I'd better get these 8 mo. pictures of Rilla up or she will be 9 mo.! She is just starting to crawl, or "scooch". (This word merits a red line under it for not being a real word or being in the dictionary) Anyway it's a description of what she's  doing. 
combination of left leg bent for sitting back up when the need arises, hands down on the floor and right leg out to the side and foot used to move along. If she gets faster at this she might have no desire to get down on all fours and crawl. ( That's the way it was for Lola who never did crawl.) After all, why get in a position where you can't see anything!

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Summertime and the Livin is Easy

Yup! Sure is.
Taking apples to the horse, picking blackberries (Lola enjoyed eating as many as she could pick), and meandering through the weeping willow branches in the breeze.

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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Flags Flying

A stiff wind picked up just as John was ready to take down the flags. So here is one more picture; the better to see them!


Saturday, August 24, 2013

A Big Family

As families go, my husband's is large, happy, and compatible. This makes the annual family reunion one we all look forward to with nary a qualm but great anticipation. For countless years now it has been held at John's sisters house, with as many as 70 people coming some years. (This is just the direct descendants from his parents.) They are such great hosts but the job is humongous. We asked if this year we could take that burden off them to give them a break. (This year we have some things that we've not had before like Ben and Shannon on the property,  two extra bathrooms and a handy outdoor sink.) They seemed more than happy to let us do that so we have been in preparation for the big weekend for much of the summer.

I have put some of my pictures of prep and the event into collages to at least mark the occasion and give a record of the happenings of our summer. (I tend to do that when I feel my photos aren't stellar.) Anyway, whenever you have a group that large,(49 this year) unless you get a huge group photo, it ends up feeling like bits and pieces anyway. (A group photo did get taken but not with my camera.) A short explanation about the flags; John's family spent some of their years in Argentina and Uruguay and in one way or the other also have history in other countries as well. They love to display their "internationalness" with those beautiful flags. (I joked that it makes us look like the United Nations. Yikes!) Can you identify the countries represented?

Another popular tradition is to have an Argentinean Asado for one meal, with the meat usually cooked over an open fire. This year we called it "Asado" but Casey was willing (? agreed) to do all the meat ( about 40 lbs. of Tri-Tip) on his Traeger stoves and it was fabulous. Never Better! (only missing the ambiance of the open fire pit.) This meal also consists of the traditional onion and tomato salad and french bread slatherd in Dulce de Leche spread. 

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(Some of the prep and only some of those who worked at it.)
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The flags and one of  the cooks. (of the Asado)
 There were two new babies to get to know since last year as well.

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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Lola Love

Lola so seldom wants to pose for pictures. Therefore I'm feeling lucky to have gotten this charming set the other day when we were by the river at "our" campground. 

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