Friday, January 22, 2010

Decorating With Cloches

After playing around a bit with the 6 cloches of varying sizes that I found in my 'stash'...
(Sadly, I must content myself with the reproductions and facsimiles which I have collected.. no French ones here:))

Trying different effects...


I decided on the combination of old books,{I love the look and feel of well worn books} a rustic stool, and the cloches - light, airy and mostly empty - for a January reading theme. Only the largest one is ample enough to 'incubate' a few vintage books under it's lovely bell shape. The remaining ones are much smaller and are just resting on small stacks of books or the stool. {This feels somewhat like my reading lately. A few books being digested while others remain on the stack... to be tackled later?!}


Chloches + Books

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Nanajoy said...

Very lovely! I so agree with the comment of loving the look and feel of old books....LOVE reading out of an old book!