Friday, May 21, 2010

Of Roses and Boxwood Hedges

Although it has been incredibly cool and rainy this spring,
a few of our roses are beginning to bloom. I'm so ready!

First Roses

This Dogwood tree is making me happy this year. It has finally
come into its own. (they really are a slow growing tree!)

And the little boxwood hedge~is the best addition ever! (two years ago)



Anonymous said...

We do love our roses, don't we. I have 2 of your 4 pictured. I never seem to have enough. I have never seen that dogwood so beautiful and big. Your yard looks beautiful. Mom

Anonymous said...

I forgot to say we 4 have all been out in the yard working today. John and Melody have so little time to work out there but it is sprucing up. Mom

Nanajoy said...

Love the picture of your home!! Thank you so much for the lovely bouquet of enjoying them!