Saturday, February 19, 2011

BLANC D'IVOIRE--Three Projects


~White and Cream~

It's strange the things that can inspire a color theme. When Shannon and I were in France a few years ago we fell in love with mono-tone and shades of white. White has so many varying hues, and when coupled with texture and sun light, is so calming and beautiful. (OK I'll grant you do have to have some sun light). Shannon has recently completed 3 projects that draw on that theme and I'd like to share them here (since she doesn't have a blog and I have not had any creative juices flowing lately). All three projects also pop with a little black added for contrast. I'm not going to do an extensive blow by blow 'how to'. I think the projects should be pretty self explanatory.
First Up....Creative Circles on Canvas

Crafty Circles

Close Up-Circles

All you need is a canvas, a circle punch, scraps of your favorite papers,
random notions and glue stick.


Next...A Book Page-Rose

Ex Libris Rose

French Sheet Music covered bulletin board.

Bulletin Board

Close Up Collage


Molly @ A Bit O' Shine said...

I love varying shades of white. My bedroom is painted "oatmeal" and all my trim is bright white. Most of my accessories are natural/neutral shades and I'm preparing to cover my closet door in pages from an old dictionary.
Your projects are beautiful! I might have to do something like that to my bulletin board.

Anonymous said...

Between you and Shannon, some beautiful, creative ideas. We loved them. That also was a neat picture of Shan walking down the street. I would never think of any of those things. Mom and Dad

Janie said...

Cheri, You are so creative. I love to hear of your ideas. Your Christmas card this year was very nice as well. Janie

Heidi said...

Fabulous. Maybe I'll get around to doing a few decorating/crafty projects next month. Or maybe I'll just hire Shannon. :) The circles on canvas turned out AWESOME!!