Friday, March 11, 2011

Leif in the Kitchen

Seems we've started something. Now if we ask Leif if he wants to come over for the afternoon (to enable his Mom to concentrate on the two older boys schooling) he wants to know "is Ivy going to be there?". So since she usually isn't we've had to up our game a little with the bribe of getting to cook something out of his favorite cook book.

This 4 year old can read anything and he loves figuring out what I might have the ingredients for and what he might enjoy eating. "Treats" is the only portion in the book he'll consider so yesterday we settled on these mint patties. (without the mint-he doesn't like mint don't you know! Lemon instead.) We had to borrow food coloring from our handy neighbor, Uncle Ben. Then we absolutely had to do orange after Uncle Ben informed him that we could make it by combining red and yellow. :-)

In the Kitchen

Cooking With Leif