Tuesday, August 2, 2011


This is the prize winner of the contest sponsored by Power Line blog to illustrate the debt issue our country is facing. I think it's worth watching and passing along. Watching squirrels somehow makes the topic easier to visualize. Justin, the producer of this short video, has done a great job and been chosen as number 1 from over 200 entries. More of the top entries can be seen here.

They asked Justin to share his thoughts on the contest and his video:

"When I first heard of the contest, I found it hard to believe that anyone would put up such a great prize to offer creatives a chance to dramatize the debt crisis. Most people don’t want to think about debt or the dangers it holds. Wars and environmentalism have attracted most of the attention of creative people in our culture–and not usually for a good result. But when you consider what debt can do and has done to nations throughout history, we’d be fools to not recognize our country’s solvency as the single greatest issue we face today. In my piece, I wanted to not just show how bad the problem is- which is in itself a noble effort since 15 trillion is hard for most to comprehend–but I sought to convey how we got to this point, and our choices moving forward."


Sweet Bouquets said...

Great job putting this on your blog Cheri!

Anonymous said...

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