Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Blessings

Inspiring church service---
Family gathering at our house--
Wonderful food contributed by everyone---
All in their Easter best outfits---
Beautiful, sunny day---
Kids table set up outside---

And why did I only manage to come up with two pictures? I don't know!

However the Karsten family was so beautifully dressed and matching {and came early} that we had to snap some of them as soon as they arrived.

Leif helped me with this fun cake a couple days earlier so it was fitting he have his picture with it before we cut into it. {Idea gleaned from the back of the Easter M&M bag.} He was very excited about it and trying to keep it a surprise. "I'll tell them we didn't work on anything like a cake!"

It's good to have my blog back. I've been having 'Issues' with it for a few months so I've totally gotten out of the habit of posting and probably have absolutely no readers left. {Except Mom and Dad who, of course, keep waiting for more pictures from here}Thanks, Russ, for fixing things! Seems we just can't manage around here without you! This will be a good note to start back up on.




grandma and grandpa said...

Thank !!!!!!


Timi said...

"no readers left"???? :o)))
I love your photos!!! I am glad you had a great Easter!!!

Heidi said...

She's baaaaaack. :)