Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mother's Day Weekend

Although our whole family was together for Mother's Day in our own garden on Saturday {sorry no pictures} Sunday remained open until Shannon suggested an excursion to a garden in Lake Oswego, The Bishop's Close, that we so enjoyed on our girl's weekend a while back. John, Ben, Shannon and I headed up there for the afternoon. It was a perfectly warm and sunny day, almost too warm. {we're not complaining, mind you, we've had so few this spring!}.

The garden was wonderfully in bloom. We love the variety of intimate paths, stone steps, clipped boxwood hedges in wonderful shapes, wide open grassy spaces, and panoramic views overlooking the river and Mt. Hood and of course the flora and fauna; Huge Rhododendron trees, cascading Wisteria, down to small diminutive flowers like Columbine and Primula. 

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Timi said...

Oh, it IS a beautiful garden!!! Thank you for the photos! They are fantastic! :o)

Anonymous said...

You do have a way of finding the most beautiful gardens! I enjoyed those pictures. Mom