Tuesday, July 3, 2012

America's Most Indispensable Man

Thoughts upon completing a biography of George Washington.(just in time for Independence Day) 

:::::"Washington's contributions were clear to his contemporaries. He was called "The Father of His Country" as early as 1779. those who knew him well Joined in the praise.

::::::: Benjamin Rush, a Congessmsn who served with Washington, wrote in 1775, "General Washington....seems to be one of those illustrious heroes whom Providence raises up once in three or four hundred years to save a nation from ruin....There is not a king in Europe that would look like a valet de chambre by his side."

 :::::: Francis Hopkinson, one of Washington's military aides, wrote: "To him the title of Excellency is applied with particular propriety. He is the best and greatest man the world ever knew...He retreats like a General, and attacks like a Hero. Had he lived in the days of Idolitry, he had been worshipped as a God.

 ::::::: And Thomas Jefferson wrote in 1782, long before the Constitutional Convention and Washington's presidency,"Washington's memory will be adored while liberty shall have votaries, whose name shall triumph over time, and will in future ages assume it's just station among the most celebrated worthies of the world."

::::: Many books have been written about him but in this one, The Real George Washington-America's Most Indispensable Man, rather than analyze and dissect the man until nothing remains but faulty interpretations, the authors have told his story in simple terms, allowing him the privilege to present himself throughout. The evidence leaves no doubt that Washington the man is entirely worthy of Washington the myth. Tomorrow, if I have time, I will present some quotes that my surprise anyone who believes this country didn't have a providential and miraculous birth. 

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