Monday, August 6, 2012

Up The River {But Not Without a Paddle}

Saturday it was suddenly Summer. The temperature was predicted to top 100.

 Shannon planned a river float and I decided to join them to be in the raft with Ivy. Shannon, Holly, Ilex, and Drake were in giant tubes, two of Drake's friends had an inflatable kayak, and Ivy and I steered a small inflatable raft. Sounds easy enough. You just let the river take you down stream, right? {Shannon did warn me I'd probably have to paddle quite a bit but I guess I didn't believe her. Silly me!} It was challenging but very fun. And something that after the 4 hours of paddling in calm stretches {the river didn't move you along} and steering furiously in fast portions, to keep us in the right channel and away from only slightly submerged boulders,we were all glad to reach our destination where we had left the cars! We all decided that two hours would have been about right. I felt we all {and myself in particular} had accomplished something unexpectedly challenging and was glad I had gone.

 Unfortunately we could only get our small digital camera out of the plastic bag to snap a few pictures when we were in calm parts so these photos look deceivingly peaceful and relaxing. 

 Ivy was an amazing rower and I think not bit tired at the end. About half way through I told her "Your going to sleep well tonight!" she wondered what rowing on the river {all afternoon in 100 degrees} had to do with sleeping tonight.{I guess it was myself I was referring to!}

She was so cute in her borrowed sun glasses.
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Holly said...

It was an adventure. Much more exciting than staying home to clean house and makes a better story :) But next year we'll pick another hot day, get on the river by early afternoon and stop at Krista's house. That would be PERFECT.
I'm glad you got some pictures of this fun day.

Timi said...

You had so much fun :o)))!!!

Anonymous said...

Now that looks like a lot of fun. Wish we could have been in on it. Too bad no one could get a picture of the rough parts. Mom