Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Spring Dresses

I haven't been inspired to sew clothes for a very long time. {Altering clothing doesn't count nor is it inspiring - just necessary.} With my time so freed up since closing Poet's {and more Grand-Daughters to sew for} I am having fun with some new spring dresses for them. I found some lovely inspiration on the Internet and came up with a great, easy pattern to work from. 
 Much of the pleasure and time ,and actual creativity for me, is spent at the fabric store. Choosing... then changing my mind... then changing it back. =)  Does anyone else do this? There are so many wonderful new fabric choices these days! I'm pleased with the results {unlike so many of my  sewing projects over the years}. Unfortunately my machine has some interesting quirks after 45 years of faithful service but I can't bear the thought of getting a new one. No guaranty a new machine wouldn't come with its own quirks!
 { Why does it occur to me that the same could be said of a long marriage but that's totally off topic!}
Back to the dresses. So here they are
 blowing in the *Spring* breeze.

PicMonkey Collage-dress 2-bird
PicMonkey Collage-dress 1-birds
  PicMonkey Collage-dress 3-Spring birds


jennifer anderson said...

my grandmother sewed me a bunch of dresses for 1st grade. back in 1971. wish i could do the same type things!

Shannon Hager said...

I follow your daughter's blog and saw a link to yours today. I decided to stop by and I instantly fell in love with that purple/teal/and yellow dress. That is just gorgeous!!! Do you sell these dresses? My Emma would just fall in love with this dress!

Mon Cheri said...

So far I'm not selling dresses. I'm just getting started by making and experimenting for the Grand-daughters. Thank you for the sweet comment, though! Perhaps sometime in the future.

Jessica Alba said...

All of these images are looking mind blowing thanks for the sharing and just keep up the good work.