Monday, December 9, 2013

Choosing The Christmas Trees

Only about 2 miles from our house,
we discover this charming little Christmas tree farm.
Meeting up with Casey and Holly's family,
we choose two perfect trees, one small {for us} one big {for them}.
We take a few pictures {don't let the bright sunshine deceive you, it was around 10* above 0*!!}
Then head home for hot chocolate and snacks. This is the first time we can remember getting a tree in the snow.
DSC_0032-sm DSC_0031-sm


S.P Bragg said...

Just doing a bit of blog-hopping and yours apparently is right next to mine when you click "next blog". Anyway, loved looking at your photos. I haven't had a real tree in quite some time, but after looking at your photos, I might have to re-think that lol.

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