Friday, January 31, 2014

A *Vintage* Pull Toy

It just clicked for Rilla. She figured out what this little elephant is supposed to do. Now she can't get enough of watching it follow her around. This is a pull toy that my talented husband made for our girls years ago. {That makes it vintage, right?} Its wood segments have canvas between for hinging action, leather ears and pull string, and round, wood ball wheels. It really glides along nicely if its not jerked hard or pulled over a lump in the rug.

 Then we just looked out the window for a little bit. It was a good day for that.


Anonymous said...

That really made my day!! I needed that right now. Adorable pictures.Thanks. Mom

Heidi said...


Sonya said...

Love your peaceful, family honoring blog!! Where could I find your rug??

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