Friday, June 19, 2015

To My Dad

Growing up I had a sense, as every child may (or should ), that my dad and I had a special, unique, bond. After all I was the only girl and the baby to boot! The picture record though, doesn't seem to reflect that. We always did things as a family; my two brothers, my Mom and Dad and me. Photos of our travels, of my parents ministry, the pictures repeatedly shown as the "missionary slide show" to supporting churches, always included all of us kids, or the whole family sometime posing for a prayer card, or doing something interesting in one of the countries we lived in over the years. Consequently my mind replays those slides as if they were an old familiar movie. I was pretty sure I'd seen ALL the old pictures.

Then I found this one. It has a silly caption on the back, added by Dad in his later years I'm thinking.
"Cheri walking her Dad." "Taken in (___?  I can't read the name) Spain."
And it comes as a very special note at a special time. This picture, found in a random box that got home with me after his funeral, to remind me that I may have had my Dad wrapped around my little finger after all.

Dad,I'll love and miss you all my days.

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