Monday, December 14, 2009

Carousel Workshop

To continue with a little more about our visit to the carousel workshop...

Carrousel Workshop-2

Ilex and Drake helped me take Luke and Levi on a short field trip to the Albany museum (which I did not get pictures of, for some reason).
This stop, at the carousel workshop, was just a lucky afterthought.

The photos from yesterday's post, of Levi in his reverie, were my favorites, because they're just so Levi.=)

Fortunately the workshop also had a completed frog (set up as the only moving animal). Luke immensely enjoyed his ride, but in a more staightforward 'Lukie' sort of way.

Luke On Frog

This is really a remarkable project that the city of Albany is undertaking... To quote from their website~

"Albany's Brass Ring carousel studio is a non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to building a traditional Victorian carousel in Albany's downtown historical district. This project is funded through donations, grants and fundraising activities."

Volunteers are hand carving and painting a wonderful menagerie of animals to eventually be assembled on the donated and refurbished Dentzel mechanism.

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