Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Softly The Evening Came

See! he sinks Without a word; and his ensanguined bier

Is vacant in the west, while far and near

Behold! each coward shadow eastward shrinks,

Thou dost not strive, O sun, nor dost thou cry

Amid thy cloud-built streets.

~ Rev. Frederick William Faber ~


The Lord Your God

How fine has the day been! how bright was the sun,

How lovely and joyful the course that he run!

Though he rose in a mist when his race he begun,

And there followed some droppings of rain:

But now the fair traveller's come to the west,

His rays are all gold, and his beauties are best;

He paints the skies gay as he sinks to his rest,

And foretells a bright rising again.


Sunset 2

Softly the evening came.

The sun from the western horizon

Like a magician extended his golden want o'er the landscape;

Trinkling vapors arose; and sky and water and forest

Seemed all on fire at the touch, and melted and mingled together.

Sunset 3


Jan J. said...

GORGEOUS photos and gorgeous words. Thanks to you, my quote/poem file has greatly expanded!

grandma and grandpa said...

Incredible pictures and great quotes to go with them. WOW!! Mom

grandma and grandpa said...

Now this comment has nothing to do with the beautiful pictures you just posted. But as I see all the moss in my north flower beds I think I should go put my foot on it and take a picture for you of treading on moss. I have been raking it away as I clean up black-spot rose leaves. Mom

Mon Cheri said...

Perfect, Mom. Since this is "Treading On Moss" after all,and I started with just such a picture exactly one year ago. I think I've strayed a bit from the moss theme!
Good luck with your moss!! (or maybe you need a blog too)