Monday, March 1, 2010

The Shepherd

Cheri with Sheep

Spring just seems like the right time for sheep photos, old or new!
Though it might feel like a photo you would expect to see in the back of your Bible, this picture was taken when we lived in Morocco, (not quite that long ago! )...
( the back of my little, blond, American head might be a give-away)
The young shepherd was evidently willing to let me pet one of his sheep on a day when we were out exploring the countryside. I don't remember this incident, but I'm sure I was thrilled.

Shepherds like this are probably still a common sight in many parts of the Middle East.
My Dad has been tirelessly scanning and cleaning up our old slides from those days, and e-mailed this one to amuse me, and perhaps share here. Thanks Dad!


Timi said...

It's a lovely photo!! Thanks for sharing!

grandma and grandpa said...


Going through the many pictures we've accumulated through the years and especially this one bring back such wonderful memories of our times in different countries and situations. Thanks for publishing it so others can also enjoy it.