Thursday, April 22, 2010

I Wish You a Wave O' The Sea

that you might ever do nothing but that

Beach Day

An inexhaustible good nature is one of the most precious gifts of heaven,
spreading itself like oil over the troubled sea of thought,
and keeping the mind smooth and equable in the roughest weather.

Washington Irving


Jan J. said...

Beautiful set of photos and I just LOVE the jump-roper! Love the quotes too! I have a file for quotes on my computer, and I had to make a folder for Treading on Moss as I know those are the best ones!

Mon Cheri said...

Thanks, Jan. I think hunting for quotes that match a theme is the best part of blogging,don't you? And the jump-roper is my 80 year old brother-in-law!in cowbow boots no less. The rest of us were doing good just to walk ;].