Saturday, January 19, 2013


is a good word for what Ilex and I experience every Thursday noon when we get together at a coffee shop {right now in Rays Market , till we can sit outside again at Starbucks} to read this fascinating book on science in history. One of three in a series produced by Smithsonian Institute. We have coffee or mocha, talk about things that are important in life{or not so} and get a chapter or two read  together in this book. Wow, I think that's definitely *transforming something common into something precious*. And yes Alchemy was part of the title of this week's chapter.{I feel brainy just being around Ilex. She is smart and Beautiful! Alchemy again?}
 I love spending time one on one with our grandchildren, doing with each what is just right for them. Lately you'd think I only had one grand daughter though. Sorry Ilex, Ivy and Lola.
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Anonymous said...

Wonderful - I did not know that meaning- and I love it! Good time spent with Ilex! - Shannon

jennifer anderson said...

i like that