Saturday, June 15, 2013

Father's Day

This post is dedicated to John (hubby) since he loves reading about WWII, collecting stuff from the era, and also seeing planes or other vehicles used in the war. I should also add that he is single minded and passionate about this interest! The Collins Foundation, which has three amazing planes which they travel around the country with, timed their visit to our area perfectly for him to spend the last three days at the airport at which they came in. I went on the last day and took umpteen pictures which I will now condense for him into three collages, one for each beautifully restored vintage plane. Happy Father's Day!

I can also say that he was, and is, a wonderful Dad to our three daughters. He has been a thoughtful, kind, loving, steady husband and Dad for 44 years. I am so thankful for this amazing blessing. We now have 3 great son-in-laws who are traveling the road of fatherhood and doing a good job of figuring it out I might say.

My own wonderful Dad is coming our way for a visit soon. He is part of what I consider my very blessed heritage and I love him so much. We all do and can't wait for his and Mom's visit. He is a WWII vet so I will end this post with a picture of him taken a few years ago. He has lost lots of weight and fits his uniform even better now (though I think he'd rather have the weight back).

PicMonkey Collage-lib PicMonkey Collage-B-17 bomber PicMonkey Collage-P-51mustang dsc0016

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Heidi said...

Fantastic collages, Mom!! What a gorgeous blue sky. I love the sunshine gleaming on the metal of the airplanes. Spectacular!

And he *is* and awesome dad. :)