Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Pink, Mommy Kisses, Saying Goodbye

DSC_0062-e-sm DSC_0064-e-sm DSC_0091-sm DSC_0097-sm DSC_0098-sm Harley was the first dog of Ben and Shannon's married life and has been a dear friend. He is very old and not well. They'll miss him when he's gone. He will leave a hole in their lives but they still have Macey, their other dog, and now Rilla is rapidly filling their hearts to bursting. 
We needed to take some pictures though so now after all that happy kissing we end on a melancholy note. Saying Goodbye.


Anonymous said...

That baby is growing up sooooo fast. Where is that tiny baby we used to see? Dad and I really enjoyed the pictures and can't wait til we get there to hold her - and see everybody else too of course. Mom

Heidi said...

Adore!!! :)