Monday, April 21, 2014

Dinner @ Easter

I don't get to snap many Pictures when I'm hostessing but did get a couple of our Easter dinner party. One of the table prep the night before (with huge help from Shannon since we get to practically redesign/reinvent the house to get everyone at the same table). We got to use Shannon's fun new chalk board paper for 'tablecloth' with great doodly art by her (I don't do doodles) white plates, green and black accents, and super fragrant Lilly of the Valley centerpieces (with Guinea-fowl feathers).

  Set DSC_0005-e Go DSC_0009-e

Whew! Everyone at the table at the same time, food ready at the same time~ served buffet style.  (looks like Ben is on a diet - it's called the "we have a baby now diet")
Dinner Menu~

::Turkey Roasts 
with wine sour-cream gravy 
or Pineapple glaze

::Fried Rice
brought by Olive

::Oven Roasted Asparagus
Prepared by Shannon

::Tropical Fruit Salad

::Lemon Julius 
brought by Heidi

With strawberry jam and butter
brought by Shannon

::Smoked Deviled Eggs
prepared by Casey

Desert Menu~

::Humming Bird layer cake
with cream cheese frosting

::Apple Crisp
with ice cream

::Spritz Bar Cookies
prepared by Drake

::Ice Cream Bunny Cake
Brought by Russ (via Dairy Queen)

We totally forgot to light the candles. Oh well, can't remember everything!

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Debi Toney said...

Oh Cheri....this is loveliness extreme!