Thursday, April 17, 2014


Ilex, our first grandchild, turned 18 on Sunday. How do the years go by so fast? Really! I remember the day she was born. I couldn't believe how when I held that tiny, snugly swaddled bundle, in the hospital for the first time it was like a time machine suddenly, unexpectedly transported me back to the births of our own daughters. I was blindsided. I was not aware, even, that I'd forgotten . How sweet that strange, longing "in-love" feeling that only a mother knows (but can never quite put into words) when holding her child ( and then, it turns out, her grandchild ) for the first time. It's just part of the miracle.

We have enjoyed every day, month, and year as they have raced by. What an adorable toddler, then silly, talkative at 5 and 6,  a little bit tom-boy at 8,9, creative, artistic, gardener, babysitter at 12. Who would have ever guessed she would become shy and quiet, poised and graceful one day!   But she has become the most lovely (inside as well as out) young woman and we are very proud of who she is and are blessed to have her in our lives.
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grandma and grandpa said...

Well put Cheri. I could not express it better! And another HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Ilex. Grandpa

Timi said...

Happy birthday to your lovely granddaugthet!!!
She is beautiful!!!

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