Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Board Game ~ Eldest vs. Youngest

Some of these photos are just too adorable to leave
in the small format of the collage in the last post. So here they are full size.

Great Grandpa entertains 4 yr. old Lola for a while on Monday while she is here. {I get to have her most Mondays while Heidi and the boys are at CC and this week Grandpa joins us due to his fabulous Thanksgiving week visit}.As you can tell Grandpa can play it up or down with a poker face of intense conviction and totally sell it. And she's clearly buying it, by the expression on her face! Lola tends to have a face so full of expression you can read it like a book. I love it.

.They changed the rules a bit to 'simplify' but what 4 year old wouldn't enjoy a board game which includes bunny game pieces, blackberries, and tiny baskets to put them in. Winning or losing berries, almost getting caught by Mr. McGregor and escaping under the fence! {To say nothing of having Grandpa all to herself for a while.} 


Heidi said...

I just adore these photos, Mom. What a treasure.

Anonymous said...

That game is just adorable. Can you tell me the name of it or where you purchased it?

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