Monday, December 1, 2014


Today we put Dad on a plane for home.

How difficult that was.

And yet  we are so grateful....

That he could be with us for a week....

That he felt well enough to come.

And each of us now has a few more very special moments to treasure.

{John and Melody, thank you for making this trip happen!}

{My iPhone is not the camera that the Nikon is}
{Rainy, low light, Oregon winter! Maybe someone else got better photos of these two groups.}

Rilla, the littlest, gives hugs and kisses to "Pietsch" as she calls him.

Lola and Great Grandpa play the Peter Rabbit game with all the intensity of a high stakes chess match!


Sweet Bouquets said...

So wonderful that you could be blessed, with having more lovely memories with your Dad for the week!

Heidi said...

Love all these pictures, Mom! I'm totally stealing that collage. ;)

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