Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Birthday Balloons

Luke's 4'th birthday was over the weekend and at the last minute I decided to take Balloons. Well, they were a decided hit, but not so much with the birthday boy, as his brothers. They had nothing cool to do, like run a lemonade stand for the guests, open cards and presents or blow out candles on the cake. Sooo-Leif and the balloons became Friends and he spent most of the evening with them. Consequently I (Bambi) got way too many photos! He did share them, off and on, with the other kids so those balloons got quite a work out and so did my camera.

I prepared these two photos for possible entries in the i heart faces contest for this week but decided on the one of Levi instead. It had more *face* in it. But it was a toss-up.
More *balloon* posts are inevitable!

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