Thursday, May 7, 2009


Shopping day turned photo shoot.

Shannon's chicken phobia is kinda legendary so we thought this logo, at the bistro we were eating at, would make a funny background.
Thus our shopping day took a detour into *photo shoot* and finding interesting settings. (Well, it wasn't France but, hey).

I entered this photo in *i heart faces* photography contest this week for the hat theme.
It's my first entry.

Hats make it
a little tricky because of the shadow they cast on the eyes, so next time, Shannon-sans hat!

She is very photogenic. Add a few great backgrounds that we found along the way (and a little editing for fun) and we have three photos with completely different moods.


nanajoy said...

TOO CUTE! Shannon blessed my day yesterday by stopping in! Wow! I can't believe I have been on here two days in a row!! DO you have prizes?

Mon Cheri said...

Well, yes Debi. The prize is lunch together. Don't you think? I'd like to give prizes to anyone who comments!!! :)