Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Living Lovely with Family


In the 50's my family lived in Morocco.( I am in the center). One of my fondest memories of that time is of my dad reading to us in the evenings in this room.
Our very favorites ( and his too ) were Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn, and Smokey The Cow Horse.

( The first two by Mark Twain, the last by Will James)

He has been painstakingly scanning our old slides so was able to e-mail this one to me.

(I'm sure the only ones who can picture this room are the ones who were there. This photo doesn't do much because of the partition we are in front of. It had wonderful Moroccan arches and a fireplace that we were usually huddled around because it was our only heat. What great memories this photo conjures up for me though! Thanks Dad! )

The next generation ~ game night.
Shannon, Heidi, Holly and John.

Now we get to play games with the grand kids. Wow!

This is Heidi's Luke


jodi said...

what FUN pictures!


Kathy said...

I love how the legacy is being carried on through the generations!
Kathy =)

Alysa said...

Reading and games .. in Morocco none-the-less. wow. I'm curious as to how your family ended up there. Do tell. Enjoying your blog in Chicago.

Mon Cheri said...

Alysa, I had to smile at your question~ it does sound exotic but for us it was just our life.I think most children think their life is the run of the mill. My father was in missionary radio. And the reading was in Morocco the games skip ahead 25 yrs. Some day I may do some posts on the interesting places I've lived.