Saturday, March 28, 2009

Poetic Granddaughters

Lady Spring

Gorgeous Spring, she warms the earth,
And all the buds do laugh with mirth,
For when she comes the blossoms burst,
And any of us could be the first,
To look upon the beauty there,
when Lady Spring is in the air.
By Ilex Layne
Speaking of poems
Ilex writes poems and Ivy knows poems

Ilex & Ivy


The Heralds Of spring
The earth smells damp;
And daffodils small and bright,
Come yellow and white.
The grass contains dew drops
Which flash and sparkle in the light.

Thunder clouds blow over
On the rolling green lawn
And as soon as they came are gone,
As the world silently waits
For the coming of dawn.

A waterfall cascades,
Like a roar of spring thunder
Tumbling down the cliff asunder,
Leaving us to marvel
At God's majesty and wonder.

By Ilex Layne


Heidi said...

I hadn't read those poems yet. I particularly love that first one. She's amazing, that girl... Maybe I'm prejudiced though. :)

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that Ilex!! That is so not my gift nor of anyone else I know of in the family, so it must come from Casey's family. Beautiful poems and cute picture of the 2 young ladies. Mom

Rachel said...

Those are beautiful. I can see her published.