Saturday, August 1, 2009

Colorful Summer Birthdays

I'm participating in *i heart faces*
*My story in pictures-summer edition*

This is not a photo contest this week, just a telling of one's favorite summer activity with as many pictures as we like :) and a story to go along with them.

With our three daughters and all six grandchildren living close by we get to enjoy so many fun things together. Birthday parties always call for a family get together. Summer birthdays are extra special and very colorful as well. I think that's why I love the way the Photos that are taken at those parties turn out. The vivid tones express the mood of a gala event. Happy faces definitely rule the day. And outdoor light makes
everything pop.

Our oldest granddaughter, Ilex, turned 13 and started the summer birthday season. Her Mom and Dad hosted the beautiful outdoor event in their garden on a gorgeous, unusually balmy day in April, and our whole family came to enjoy the festivities. We ate great food, the children played, we all basked in the unexpected warmth of the day.
The next birthday was for 5 year old Luke, hosted by his Mom and Dad in their sunny garden. It was only late May but we lucked out on another fabulous day! His Mom picked the cheerful, summery theme of *A Lemonade Stand* so he got to help his daddy with one to start the party off on a festive, bright note. He was so intent on the whole process. Everyone writing their name on their cup, getting the ice just right, what flavor did they want, taking the cash....

There was also an eye popping bunch of balloons that seemed to make the rounds with every child at the party sometime during the afternoon. I loved the colors and couldn't stop snapping pictures. I will only show one collage!

The other young party guests must have instinctively known this would be a colorful event. Look at those girls!!

Luke thought it would take a lot of air
to blow out 5 candles! He never does anything half way.

Even the table was too pretty to miss out on this
colorful line up.

We have several more summer birthday parties to go yet and I'm sure they will result in just as many fun photos to share another day.


Shannon said...

Summertime birthdays are the BEST! :)

Yelena R. said...

These are all so fun and colorful! I especially love the blowing candles collage :)

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh, I really love your pictures! So pretty! What a great Grandmother you are. I am so glad you get to see your grandchildren frequently! That is such a blessing. I miss my grandmothers so much!

Your collages are perfect too. Really lovely!

Tomara said...

Love all the color! That really shows me "summer"! Lots and lots of color! Beautiful photos!

Alice said...

love the collages and all the bright, fun colors! looks like the kiddos were having a great time :O)

i have my summer shots posted also, feel free to come on over and visit anytime :O)

Foursons said...

The color in all your photos is beautiful! What a great summer.

jen@odbt said...

Great captures of special days. I love your grandson's enthusiasm for blowing out his bday cake. Too cute!

Timi said...

Great photos ! I like the colorful girls and Luke blowing the candles! :o)

Me-Mo said...

Great pictures to remember a Birthday! The colors are amazing!

drewmark19 said...

I love your collages and the bright, vibrant colors. You're definitely captures the fun mood of the event.

Patti H said...

love your collages and love birthday photos! Lucky you are close to your grandchildren to enjoy their special day with them

Puna said... many wonderful celebrations!

Marla said...

Beautiful beautiful pictures!

I LOVE YOU said...