Sunday, August 30, 2009

Art And Air Festival

This festival is much anticipated by some in our family.

For one, {Hubby} it means finally getting to display his military memorabilia with a few other friends.

Some of his and some of theirs in this collage..
WWII and the home front.

The public streams through for two days, to view their displays. Hubby is in seventh heaven!

WWII Collection-2

For another, {Grandson} it means getting to fly.
The Young Eagles program enlists volunteer pilots to give interested kids free flights.

take to the AIR

He has helped Poppy with the military displays and now gets to take a break for another kind of fun.
Now, He's in seventh heaven!

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Northwest 1940's Displays said...

Great job with the photos...looked at the rest of your pics and found them to be really great! Thanks for sharing hubby with us for the weekend :) :) :)

Inspired me to see what I can do with a blog for us to use for our events, info about us and upcoming events.

Thanks for sharing