Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hot Air Ballons Over Our Valley~In The Early Morning


The best way of travel, however, if you aren't in any hurry at all, if you don't care where you are going, if you don't like to use your legs, if you don't want to be annoyed at all by any choice of directions, is in a balloon. In a balloon, you can decide only when to start, and usually when to stop. The rest is left entirely to nature.

~ William Pene du Bois, 'The Twenty-one Balloons' ~




SKELLER said...

Stunning pictures!! Is this where the balloons landed? Such a gorgeous field.

I did make it to the fairgrounds Friday morning before we left. What a neat way to begin the day :-).

I so very much enjoyed meeting you and joining your bookclub for an evening.

Mon Cheri said...

Oh, I'm so tickled to have you visit my blog and thrilled to have met you!! I loved your photo of the balloons on your blog. Wow, must have been your cool fish-eye lens, and you were up much earlier than I.
One balloon did land in one of these fields but then took off again. I was parked in this field to get photos {a little closer than our house would have been} I'm not sure where they landed-I went back home =).