Thursday, November 5, 2009

Vintage Trucks~ Make Great Backdrops

Time with the grand kids doesn't ALWAYS turn into a Photo shoot-honestly.

But I thought we'd take a little time out yesterday, after the history lesson Ilex and I usually do on Wednesdays, and also from the work Drake came over to do with Poppy.

Drake would much rather be doing this...

Drake-John Deere-Sepia

Than this! :-)

Drake-'53 Chevy

But isn't he handsome, though?

Drake- Drama

Ilex, on the other hand, seems to enjoy 'modeling' for me and it gives me much needed photography practice!! The result is that I get WAY more pictures of her. (sorry Drake!)

Sun Glow-Ilex


We took full advantage of Poppy's vintage trucks. ('Future projects', you know, but hey we kind of like them like this!)


I'll be posting a few more later.


Anonymous said...

These are just wonderful!!!

nanajoy said...

oops!!! I must have hit the wrong button.....nanajoy is anonymous! :)

Heidi said...

I know Drake would rather be working than modeling, but I LOVE that photo of him! And Ilex looks gorgeous, as always. I'm glad you're capturing more photos of them... they get older by the day. What fun photos, Mom!

Mon Cheri said...

Thanks for the encouraging comments,Debi and Heidi.

grandma and grandpa said...

More beautiful pictures. Mom