Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Family Reunion

Our Family Reunion each year is held on a weekend in July at the home of my husband's sister Dawn and her husband Al. They live on the Willamette river, and graciously host this enjoyable
and much anticipated event.
Although the parents of this clan are now gone, their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren ( who together number over 70) still consider this event so important that most of them come if they possibly can. Everyone gets along so well and shares the strong bond of this marvelously supportive family.

We eat wonderful food, catch up with those whom we've not seen in a year, meet the new babies, marvel over the changes in the children, play in the river (or just take pictures of those who do) ,enjoy a game or two of volleyball and visit, visit, visit!

There is always some new and interesting gadget/toy brought for the kids to enjoy. This wonderful balloon rocket was a huge hit. It must have gone 60 feet in the air after the 100 pumps it required for blast off.

The long ramp to the dock on the river gets a work out. ( Actually it's not the ramp that gets the work out. Whew! :)

But it was no sweat for the kids who love the activity and fun of the river. The weather was marvelous for swimming and Ron and Al were good enough to give many rides on the jet-ski and boat.

I understand the water wasn't warm but it was definitely refreshing!

Thanks to everyone who participated and a huge thanks to Dawn and Al!!

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Heidi said...

You got some really great shots of family reunion! What a fun time!