Monday, July 27, 2009

Out And About

While heading towards our next reunion event this past weekend we decided to make a stop at an air museum that happened to be near our destination. So here are a few photos I snapped. I seem to be getting far off the subject lately! ( Treading on moss? I haven't seen any moss for some time now~not in this heat!)

Aeronautics confers beauty and grandeur, combining art and science for those who devote themselves to it. . . . The aeronaut, free in space, sailing in the infinite, loses himself in the immense undulations of nature. He climbs, he rises, he soars, he reigns, he hurtles the proud vault of the azure sky . . .
~Georges Besançon, founder of the first successful aviation journal 'L'Aérophile,' February 1902

The facts are that flying satisfies deeply rooted desires. For as long as time these desires have hungered vainly for fulfillment. The horse, and later the motorcar, have merely teased them. The upward sweep of the airplane signifies release.
~ Bruce Gould, 'Sky Larking,' 1929.~

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