Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Summer Day

I don't know why I only get pictures of Drake when a project is being done. Maybe It's because he loves to help and actually would rather be busy working on something than sitting around talking, which is what the rest of us love to do over-much. But Drake is a man of few words and loves a job using anything with a motor or special tools. It's a guy thing, right?

Therefore, when Ilex and Drake spent a couple of days with us,
a task was tackled by Drake and Poppy, that has needed to be done for a long time. Errant cherry and maple trees and blackberry vines, that had sprung up in a long rose hedge bordering the front of the property, were sawed, hacked and chopped out and hauled away. It was a huge job, took two days, but actually required only one trip to Home Depot. ;) How did that happen??

Later on we were joined by Holly and Ivy to finish off the evening listening to a great concert in the park.

Ivy, looking adorable, in her brand-new hair cut.


grandma and grandpa said...

I hope you saved a bunch of cuttings from those roses so you can start again. Like the whole row of them we have here I took one day from your plants. Or is it too late now? Love Ivy's new haircut. Mom

Mon Cheri said...

Mom, we didn't cut out the roses, just the trees and stuff growing among them.