Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Friends-Catching Up

Catching up with old friends always makes me puzzle over why we don't get together more often- make the effort to see each other. It just surprises me how long it's been, but then how you can almost start up exactly where you left off, like a train just leaving a familiar station. Jack and Donna and John and I almost raised our kids together and now our grandchildren played like they too had grown up camping together and seeing each other constantly.
Michelle, who was a college friend of Jeff's, (Jack and Donna's son), lives out of state and comes back once a year with her 4 children, to visit family. She was the reason for our impromptu get together. Jack and Donna and their family have also moved out of state, just not quite so far.

It was a very warm day when we met at Heidi's so the adults sat under the willow tree, visiting, and the children had a lovely time getting wet, some with all their clothes on. If the pool or the slide had been just a little larger I think some adults might have joined them :) .

After dinner, we were summoned to the side porch/stage, to be the audience for some skits the kids had energetically rehearsed. Well, after all, it's no fun to do a play if you have no one to watch is it ?
This one must have had some Shakespeare thrown in. ( Methinks that's why I didn't understand what the heck was going on!) Yup, someone must have died at the end! But we all clapped fervently after each. (We could tell when they were over by the bowing.)

The evening came to a close too quickly but with lots of promises to not let so much time go by until our next reunion!

Michelle, you have the prettiest babies! Thanks for instigating this get-together. See you next year.


grandma and grandpa said...

Sounds like a really fun time! I remember some of those plays the kids have worked up when we have been there. Fun. I love that last picture. What a cutie. Mom

shari said...

hello mon cheri! i wandred over from visiting molly the pirate. i had to laugh at the cousins putting on plays! i remember this so well... i live in northwest washington but all my cousins lived in medford oregon. we were crazy together! we did plays, created haunted houses, and screamed. a lot. our parents and aunts and uncles graciously put up with it all! what sweet, wonderful summer memories... thanks for reminding me...