Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Curse Into Blessing

The Humble Blackberry

Curses Into Blessings

Only if you live in the NW will you understand the full meaning of this post.
Blackberry vines are an extremely invasive curse. In fact, if you stand still for half a day you'll be reclaimed by nature. Almost ! {Picture the ruins of the Inca civilization found covered by the jungle!} Well, even in the garden, they spring up in the most diligently tended flower beds. But when they are growing behind the barn one feels justified in leaving them { for a few years } to bear fruit.


Misty McKenzie Mornings said...

Hi Cherie,
You don't know how inspiring you are too me. I love your posts. I am starting a blog soon and hope you visit me as well. (not quite ready yet though, I am having to fumble through myself and I don't learn like a used to)
blessings, Janie

Mon Cheri said...

Thanks Janie. Sweet of you to comment today. Be sure and let my know when you have your Blog going. I'll visit.