Monday, October 5, 2009

Continuing in Provence

To continue our travels in Provence, this monastery, turned mental hospital, was the unfortunate home of Vincent Van Gogh, when he was committed at his request, in 1889. We read the interesting story of his life as we wandered the ancient halls and rooms~it has been a monastery from Roman times~and was later dedicated to the treatment of the mentally ill.

Vincent~Mental Hospital

This courtyard garden photo,with its 3-d affect, is one of my favorites from our travels.~We have it set as backdrop on our computer, so I almost feel like I live here~yikes! { If I ever go nuts, you'll know where to find me =/ }

vincent van Gogh

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Holly said...

Ivy and I just a few minutes ago read a story about Vincent so I was excited to show her this place where he lived.