Tuesday, October 13, 2009

History in Shedd

Last week, evidently, was the week for History lessons and field trips. Thursday, some of John's siblings joined us for the afternoon to tour a wonderful old grain mill.

Flour Mill

Then we went on to a nearby, small town cafe, {where a cruise-in was happening} .


John and I had borrowed Russ and Heidi's Mustang, so were right in style. Old cars are extremely photogenic I found, though not my usual fare :) .( But there were no grandchildren along on this one!)


Old churches are also fun to photograph, and there was one within walking distance of the cafe. Perfect for a stroll after dinner with dusk coming on.



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Anonymous said...

Shedd is where my mother and her 6 siblings were born on the family farm. My brother lives on that farm now. That little church is where my mom went to church as a girl. It was presbyterian back then. we once had a family reunion there. Loved your picture of it.
Carole K.