Wednesday, April 1, 2009


"The first of April is the day we remember what we are the other 364 days of the year."

~ Mark Twain ~


Heidi said...

Those turned out gorgeous! I especially LOVE the top photo. Thanks for the fun afternoon (and the really yummy chocolote cake... I had a piece for breakfast :)).

Anonymous said...

I am enjoying your blog, especially the pictures of your girls, when they were little. They were all adorable, and of coarse, still are! Although Holly has been part of our family for almost 17 years, I have never seen any pictures of her when she was a little girl. That was fun!

Mon Cheri said...

Thanks Heidi, yes that was a fun day of taking pics and shopping together. Problem is we end up with the same photos on our blogs if not the same clothes on sunday:)
Carole, thanks for commenting. I've been enjoying the old pics too, though their challenging to work with!

Mirjam said...