Friday, April 24, 2009

Living Lovely~Global Perspective~Part 2

This is a follow up and continuation of yesterdays post. I mention that the books we chose for our home library were often set in other countries.
Here is a short list of our absolute favorites!

~ Johanna Spyri~
set in Switzerland

Hans Brinker
~ Mary Mapes Dodge~
set in Holland

The Wheel On The School &
Dirk's Dog, Bello
~Meindert DeJong~
both set in Holland

The House Of Sixty Fathers
~Meindert DeJong~
set in China

I Am David
~ Anne Holm~
set in Europe

Island Of The Blue Dolphins
~ Scott O'Dell~
set in an island of the Pacific

Cricket In Times Square
~ George Selden~
set in New York

Star of Light
~ Patricia M. St. John~
set in Morocco

Treasures Of The Snow
~ Patricia M. St John~
set in Switzerland

Where The River Begins
Rainbow Garden
Tanglewoods Secret
The Secret Of Pheasant Cottage
~ Patricia M. St John~
set in England

These books by Patricia St. John were particularly fun for me read to our girls because the author was an acquaintance of ours in Morocco and I read these books as a child in the 50's. I can't say enough good things about them and I'm pretty sure they are still available.


Anonymous said...

I am reading "Treasures Of The Snow" to Amiya (6 year old grand-daughter) right now. What a great book! Good job on the blog.
Janie (Gourley)

Mon Cheri said...

Thanks, Janie, good to hear from you. You should pick up her other books too. All of them are as good but each so different.