Thursday, April 9, 2009

Living Lovely With Family~ Vacations Part Two

Heidi's suggestion about coming up with
* out of the box ideas * for vacations got me thinking. It's good to change it up a bit from time to time. Yes we camped every year but we also went farther afield. Everyone has different opportunities they may take advantage of. Heather's family has been enjoying their time in the DC area with all that history to contemplate. We took a 7 week motor home trek across our great country when the girls were teenagers and if I started in on pictures of that ,this would be a very long post indeed! Well, marathon trips like those are usually not an option but think about the things in your part of the country that someone from out of town might want to see. It's amazing how often we ignore the interesting and beautiful nearest to us. Also, don't ignore the occasional traveling exhibit. Art or history sometimes comes to you.
Don't miss it

Replica of
~The Golden Hind~
Sir Francis Drake

~The Queen Mary~

Luxury liner also used to transport troops to Europe during WW2 ( notably my father, seen on the right)

Many wonderful day trips to the Oregon coast

And Picnics wherever we went

Occasionally we also visited our favorite exotic but accessible location

~Hearst Castle~


Mab said...

I grew up in San Luis Obispo area and just really enjoyed seeing the Hearst Castle and picnic above it pictures...
At my childhood home, I have roses from Hearst Castle planted.
The picture of everyone in front of Queen Mary is fabulous.

Anonymous said...

Oh! do I remember that picnic! Fun and any and all your visits. Mom

Mon Cheri said...

Mab, how fun to have someone comment who lived near there and recognizes the locations. Thanks.
Mom, John thought I should have told all the funny details about that picnic. Were you remembering how Boomer found the cow pies to roll in and how we tried to clean him before riding home with him in the car. Oh My~ well now you know THE REST OF THE STORY.:)