Thursday, September 24, 2009

Chateau of France

The Loire area of France, which we are now in, contains the greatest number of Chateau and is blessed with a climate that allows beautiful gardens to flourish. The area boasts some of the finest, and most irresistibly attractive architecture in all of France and the rich alluvial soil has provided agricultural wealth for hundreds of years.

It's impossible to describe the surreal feeling when approaching one of these stunning Renaissance buildings. One feels in a fairy tale. I don't think the photos can do justice!
Here is a quick view of 3 of our very favorites. More details in the next few days.

Chateau with woodsy gardens

A bit of 'surreal' editing of my own on these photos :) . Maybe we really were just dreaming after all!


Each one has a charm and character all it's own and we visited about 12 in the week we stayed here, exploring the gardens and interiors.



K-Sue said...

These photos are heart-thrilling. Thank you for sharing them. I'm glad you reached into your (recent) past.

grandma and grandpa said...

These chateau are so much larger than I remember them when I saw your pictures before. They are huge. Are any of them being lived in now? Probably not if you could tour the insides. Mom