Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Rain and Fog In Loire

We get a slow start on our first day in Chenonceaux... it's raining and we're enjoying our cosy inn. So finally we walk out in our little town and are very charmed but get very wet...we'll try driving.


We pass this chateau in the fog and stop for some photos. Beautiful but not open to the public~it's a private hotel.

Foggy Chateau

This little Pagode de Chanteloup is within easy driving so we'll start with it. We climb the 150 step, circular, ancient, staircase to the top.Whew! Great view, though and we're the only ones here. This is not exactly a chateau { just what is left of one and it's surrounding park-land} but we'll start on the real ones tomorrow.



grandma and grandpa said...

I loved the pictures on this post, the fog, the rain affects. Thanks for another trip we won't be able to duplicate. Mom

nanajoy said...

I am loving my "journey" to France! Wonderful pictures...and the rain pic...agreeing with your Mom!!