Friday, September 18, 2009


We knew it would be a daunting task to see this famous, grand palace, reputed to be the greatest in the world. But on our last day in Paris we decided to give it a go, boarded the train and headed to Versailles for the day.

We particularly wished to view the gardens and park though, so decided to concentrate our time there. Indeed, on arriving, we found the palace crammed with throngs of tourists (we weren't tourists of course!)so we hurried our way straight through the hall of mirrors, not pausing for more than one photo, then outside to the extraordinary gardens of Versailles. It took all day, and more than every bit of our energy, to see most of it. It covers an area of 247 acres!

To quote from The Garden lover's Guide to France...
"The renown of famous gardens often obscures their beauty. The first thing to say about Versailles is that it is one of the most beautiful gardens in the would, containing more distinguished works of art than any other garden and, for those who love gardens, constituting one of the greatest free treats in the world."


Is that Marie-Antoinette strolling in her hamlet?

Le Hameau

"Most visitors scarcely stray from the main thoroughfares, which means that those who are enterprising will be rewarded with unfrequented parts of the garden, where they may be alone even at the height of the holiday season."

After a whole day of magnificent exploring we find our luxury at the end of the day, as the sun goes lower, and almost everyone is leaving the park and palace. (We pity them but are glad to have our photos uncluttered with purple sweatshirts and such.) The reflection of the setting sun in the pools, surrounded by captivating bronze statues, and back-dropped with the glowing palace is simply bewitching to photograph.

Sunset at Versailles


grandma and grandpa said...

Cheri, You got some great pictures that you eddited well. It has to bring back good memories as you work on the pics. Thanks for sharing,

grandma and grandpa said...

I guess we both loved the pictures of France (Dad and I). I have spent quite a while catching up on your and Heidi's blogs from being gone for 3 weeks. We couldn't get our computer to work though we carried it along the whole way. I have finally finished the trip through your blogs and enjoyed every one. You are doing an incredible job!!!! Mom

nanajoy said...

Really enjoying your pictures!! They are all wonderful!What an amazing trip for you and Shannon!!