Monday, September 21, 2009

Next Stop-Loire Valley

After an hilarious scene involving Shannon and me ditching some of the contents of our luggage into a garbage can on the way to the train station,{ guide books, chestnuts collected all over Paris, extra cosmetics~just too heavy!} the transition to our next week's location involved a train ride which I seem to recall being a little stressful. Then renting a car~also a little stressful.

We were totally rewarded though,when we saw our charming hotel in the tiny town of Chenonceaux, the arrival to which was enhanced by the bubbly receptionist named Sabrina {you could have just transported us to the movie!} and the very personable inn keepers Laurent & Sophie).

This would be 'home' for the next week as we toured the area and explored the lush gardens and magnificent chateau that this area of France is so renowned for.

We were immensely grateful for the GPS that friends had loaned us! {we named her Freeda and held various strange conversations with her.} And I was so glad that Shannon did all the driving! Thanks Shannon =]


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